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Matteo Bono, Damiano Cunego, Adriano Malori, Przemyslaw Niemiec, Daniele Pietropolli, Daniele Righi, Michele Scarponi, Alessandro Spezialetti and Diego Ulissi.

These are the magnificent nine athletes who were selected by the DS of the Team Lampre-ISD for the 95th Giro d’ Italia.
This year the Giro starts on the 5 of May from Denmark and for the Italian Team it represents one of the most important tasks of the season .
Three athletes are into pre-warning too: Simone Stortoni, Morris Possoni and Matthew Lloyd.

Giuseppe Saronni explains the objectives of his champions: “The Giro d’ Italia for the team will be a crucial step of the season. The “Corsa Rosa” is the major challenge for Michele Scarponi: the team has supported him with the decision to confront in the Giro and will support him with the utmost commitment and confidence during the three weeks of the Giro to try to fight for the general classification.
The partecipation of Cunego it will be very significant. Damiano will certainly be an importance element for the tactics during the race.
This does not preclude the fact that Cunego will be able to have freedom of action in the appropriate occasions.
All other riders of the team were selected for their assurance in quality and strength that they will certainly provide. “

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