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Wilier Triestina is constantly looking for ways to assert itself. The bikes with the symbol of the halberd never stop testing themselves: at professional races, in the market, in road trials and in the reviews of leading specialist magazines.

Additional confirmation comes from two reviews in particular. The first from the British-American BikeRadar, which road tested the Cento1SR. We are talking about the article where the Cento1SR is referred to as an “immensely stiff” while at the same time a “fantastically comfortable” bike. That is exactly what a cyclist wants from a bike. Zedler, the German institute for technique and safety applied to bikes, gave more support. This prominent centre based in Ludwigsburg that studies carbon frames confirmed the rigidity of the Cento1SR in numbers. Based on the standards adopted by the German magazine Tour, the results of this test have proclaimed the Cento1SR as the bicycle with the best stiffness factor of the bottom bracket shell in the world.

In numbers, the value tested and recorded on the Cento1SR under the item “bottom bracket stiffness” equalled 82 N/mm. This number may not mean much on its own. However, when comparing it with the top forty bikes in this rank put together by Tour magazine over the years, we can’t help notice that all these values range between 75 and 65 N/mm. With 82 N/mm the Cento1SR asserts itself as the performance bike par excellence. A stiff bottom bracket is synonymous with reactivity and efficiency. A sensation every cyclist feels when first riding the Cento1SR and on the other Wilier Triestina frames featuring BB386EVO technology.

The second most important confirmation comes from the Triathlon world. The Triathlon Plus magazine grants TwinBlade, Wilier flagship bike for time trials, the “Triathlon gold award”. Tested on the road and compared against Cervelo P5Three, Isaac Muon and BMC TM01, the TwinBlade turned out to be the best in technical and aerodynamic terms as well as comfort.

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