Destination Argentina

In 1948 Wilier Triestina was able to launch a broad range of bicycles on the market. Touring bikes for men, women and children as well as road and track models left the factory in via Colomba. A more and more skilled and profuse production which found an important market in South America. Having found business premises in Buenos Aires, Dal Molin started advertising his products in Argentina, a nation with many inhabitants of Italian origin and where cycling seemed to be catching on much more quickly than in other countries of the American continent. As happened in Italy, the business went hand in hand with the sports and Wilier Triestina made its entry in the first series of Argentinean competitive racing, grabbing some of the best athletes of the time.
These included Alberto Garcia, winner of the Doble Lobos and Gran Criterium d’Apertura, Angelo Castellani, first in a stage and in the final classification of the Doble Bragado, the Argentinean speed championship and the six-day race of Buenos Aires, Jorge Olivera, which among its successes boasted the 24 hours in the Americana and the International Race of San Paolo and Dante Benvenuti, winner in the High Valley of Rio Nigro race. “Wilier is also winning in Argentina” a poster stated, which welcomed visitors in the stands of Dal Molin at the exhibitions of the time. In the background, an enormous painted panel showed a majestic trade transatlantic ship with the word “Bassano” written on it, on which an impressive hoist loaded the cases with the Wilier bicycles direct for Argentina. In the lower part was a charming panoramic view of the “Fabbrica Cicli – Wilier Spa”. In the top right was the partial view a planet; on the opposite side, the stars of Wilier Triestina to balance it off: Magni, the Maggini brothers, Bresci, Cottur, etc.

At the beginning of the 50’s, Wilier Triestina produces motorcycles for Parilla: a futile attempt to diversify business activity.

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24th September 2013