The jersey of heroes

From Cottur to Saronni and Rebellin: three generations of champions at Rossano Veneto for the presentation of the historical replica of the Wilier Triestina red halberd jersey. Three generations of champions to celebrate a jersey that evokes dusty roads and tyres worn across the shoulder as well as the fans of an Italy which healed the post war wounds with the feats of its sporting idols. On 10 July 2004 the past was relived at Wilier Triestina in Rossano Veneto in the form of a faithful replica of the legendary red halberd jersey that Fiorenzo Magni won the Giro d’Italia with in 1948. The materials, workmanship and design are identical to the original wool, with the collars, buttons and the characteristic pockets on the front. Giordano Cottur, Luciano Maggini and the most loved of the Italian technical commissioners, Alfredo Martini, are among those who raced and won with Wilier Triestina and to whom the Gastaldello family dedicated the re-edition of their jerseys. Next to them Giuseppe Saronni, the world champion of Goodwood and now team manager of team Lampre, one of the two teams (the other is the German Gerolsteiner) equipped in 2004 by Wilier Triestina. Saronni reached Rossano Veneto together with Francesco Casagrande and his team mates Piccoli and Ballan. Also the world champion Igor Astarloa should have been there, also belonging to Lampre, but an illness stopped him. But a champion who had won the rainbow jersey was there any way to pay homage to the jersey of the heroes: Davide Rebellin, the then leader of the World Championship. For the occasion Rebellin and Casagrande were handed the most precious of the jewels produced by the company from Rossano: an ultralight Le Roi, with a carbon frame created according to an exclusive component assembly system with treated monocoque. During the presentation of the historical Wilier Triestina jersey, the organisation of a stage of the Giro d’Italia 2005 with arrival in Rossano Veneto, in cooperation with Selle Italia and the town council, was announced. The event of the summer of 2004 is to be remembered also because of the bubbly participation of the late Giordano Cottur. His fearless and brilliant spirit, the same which he expressed when riding his copper Wilier, enlivened the party dedicated to the ancient red jersey which he contributed to making famous. A pleasant day between the past and the future, among memories and ambitions, with a single and timeless feature:
the symbol of the halberd.

A very wise man: Alfredo Martini.

A historical shirt for all. From left Mariano Piccoli,Francesco Casagrande, Lino Gastaldello,Davide Rebellin, Alessandro Ballan and Michele Gastaldello.

The Wilier champions of the past and present.

The replica of the historic red jersey
     halberd of WilierTriestina

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